Hello all!

As a bonus, we can all test our lung capacity!

Can you believe that it’s been a year since I started this thing? Me neither. And what a year it’s been! When I started on this magical adventure in public narcissism last year, my husband was an unemployed attorney who had never been to Europe and I was a full-time work-from-home contractor who had never been to graduate school.

And look at us now! 

My husband is now an employed attorney who has been to Europe and I am a full-time work-from-home contractor who also attends graduate school full-time. To celebrate our successes (and even our various not-so-successes), I thought I’d tell you all about my 12 favorite things that have happened during this year of blogging:

  • 12: Bret got a job!

…after a year and twenty three days of unemployment no less. Sometimes, we even go to fancy parties.

Which we all enjoyed even though the cover makes it seem like a creepy ghost story.

  • 10: GOMI noticed me!

…to be fair, it was for a comment I made on my good buddy Lladybird’s blog. Notoriety in any form, right?

…and we all discovered that she’s not 6’8”.

This was also thanks to Kendra. Which obviously means that we’re going to be best friends forever, right? RIGHT?

  • 7: I confessed a lot of embarrassing things!

Perhaps if my costume had been this cool, things would have been way different.

From my stint as a terrible liturgical dancer to the fact that I don’t understand what parish hopping means, we covered a lot of ground this year (including the time I was attacked by a herd of goats). I predict even more shameless confessing this year.

  • 6: We spent a lot of time discussing buzz words!

So many buzz words. So little time.

  • 5: The Bunny survived!
He's currently underneath this bowl chair, annihilating a corn cob.

He’s currently underneath this bowl chair, annihilating a corn cob.

…hip hop hooray.

…and so far we’re all still alive!

  • 3: I made new friends!

Like you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you.

  • 2: Super Swell Times was nominated for a Sheenazing Award!

I didn’t win, but I’m not going to let that get me down!

15 Nominee SA

…Which was definitely the coolest thing we did this year: