Picture Picture

I’m 25, I work from home and my favorite word is “swell.”

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where do you get your accent?

I don’t have an accent, where do you get your accent?

Do you know that your voice sounds exactly like Sarah Palin’s?

Yes. In my defense, I sounded like Sarah Palin before it was cool.

What was it like living in Korea?

It was like living anywhere else. But in Korea.

Do you speak Korean?


But, like, what did you eat while you were living in Korea?

All the same stuff I eat in America. Also, more Korean food.

Was your dad in the Army?




Air Force?


How’s married life?

Great! It’s like regular life but with a co-captain.

But, like, isn’t it hard to, you know, be married and stuff?

Uh, no? I don’t think so? Why do you ask?

Oh, just, like, you know, you got married so young.

That’s not a question.

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