1.) 25 Things You Can Probably Get Rid of Now

Channel your inner these guys.

I wrote this post in response to something Kendra wrote at Catholic All Year. She shared it to Facebook and all of a sudden I got a lot of new friends! Just a warning, though, I accidentally ruffled some feathers with this list — please know that I would never want to hurt your feelings.

2.) 7 Quick Questions — An Interview with My Husband

This was meant to be a throwaway post during our trip. Turns out that Kelly liked it — kind of a lot. So that’s cool.

3.) A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

Kendra’s not that tall, y’all. Andplusalso, now you all know that I don’t live in D.C.

4.) Questions for My Priest: Is There a Secret Handshake?

I keep intending for this to be a more regular series, but most of the questions that I’ve been asking my priest lately are pretty boring. (Think: Do you prefer Times New Roman or Cambria?)

5.) Teaching your husband to cook is not as hard as you think

This was my first ever post that went vaguely viral. I’m pretty proud of it, to be honest.

6.) 7 Excellent Reasons Why I Don’t Talk About My Sex Life (The NFP Post)

Y’all. I never realized that my decision to not talk about my sex life would resonate so strongly with all of you. I’m happy that you’re happy that there are certain things that I’m not willing to talk about.

7.) 7 Things to Encapsulate in Your Fall Wardrobe

I’ve come out pretty strongly that I don’t do capsule wardrobes, but I had fun writing about the 7 things I would encapsulate in my fall wardrobe — you know, if encapsulating a wardrobe was something that I planned on doing.

8.) Hello from Prague and What I Wore Sunday

Here it is.

Here it is.

Turns out everyone loves Prague. And fashion.

9.)  7 Fun Facts about Our Trip

The world's only Cathedral made entirely of salt!

The world’s only Cathedral made entirely of salt!

If you loved Prague, you’ll love this post because it includes Prague and Vienna and Budapest and Krakow.

10.) “Parish Hopping.” (I don’t get it.)


Here, I created a little controversy because some people parish hop a lot, apparently.