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— 1 —

I need to figure out what to do about my clothes. Without making too big of a deal about it, I’ve lost a pretty significant amount of weight – and I’m still losing. Now, I’ve got a pile of clothing that is too big to wear without looking super frumpy. What do I do with all of it? I can (and have) altered some of it to fit better, but other pieces are trickier. Moreover, I’m not in the mood to get rid of everything and start fresh because I don’t have the money to spend on clothes.

I could actually steal a turkey from the grocery store in most of my pants.

So what say you, illustrious readerfolk? Should I continue donating things to Goodwill at a breakneck pace, alter what can be altered or save some of the bigger stuff to double as maternity clothing?

— 2 —

We need to get out more. The weather here in Chicagoland is finally, maybe showing signs of spring and I am so very over being cooped up in my house all day. Last night, we went back to the Chicago Institute of Art for Thursday free night. Tuesday, we went to play Euchre with the church folks. But, I still want to get out more – for as little money as possible.

Credit: Redbubble.com

— 3 —

Clients need to stop calling me around the clock. This a relatively new development, but I have certain clients that have acquired my house phone number (yes – I have a house phone, like the old lady that I am) and are using it to call me whenever they feel like it. It’s a gross invasion of my work day calm and routine and I would really like it to stop.


Unfortunately, I haven’t quite put my finger on what I need to do to make it stop. I started with emails saying “Sorry I missed your call! If you’d like to schedule a time to chat on the phone, you should email me to set up a time.” When that didn’t work, I instituted a passive aggressive policy of waiting an additional hour to return their call for every time they called me without scheduling. At the rate we’re going, I’ll be holding off on returning calls for something like 50 hours.

— 4 —

You need to be reading this post. Anything that systematically addresses the various concerns/beliefs that non-Catholics have about the Catholic faith and people who practice it should be required reading.

— 5 —

My husband needs a job. This is pretty self-explanatory but if you could add him your prayers, that would be swell.

— 6 —

I need to be more proactive about making new friends and keeping my old ones. Lately, I’ve felt like I don’t have as many friends as I used to. I mean, I certainly have a number of people who I can text when my day gets boring, but it’s hard to find anyone to grab coffee or go for a walk with. I know that this is because people are busy – and that it’s perfectly normal to feel this way – but I wish I had more people to see.

This is what I got when I Googled “How do I make friends?” Don’t they look fun?

So I’m looking for advice. How do I make friends? I’m tired of sending messages that never get a response, so clearly I need to change up my game. Tell me what to do, citizens of the internet!

— 7 —

I need to get my schedule under control. I know that the hours I’ve been working border on deranged and I can definitely see the negative effects that they have on my life. Really, I just need to find time in my schedule to build a sustainable schedule.

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