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  1. Laundry, laundry everywhere.

    Laundry, laundry everywhere.

    Thursdays are simultaneously my favorite and most hectic day. I like what I do on Thursdays (tutoring/volunteering/picking up the church laundry), but it is kind of a drag to have to leave the house 3 hours earlier than normal. Oh well, I guess it helps on the “being intentional with my time in 2015” front.

  2. IMG_1736Speaking of time, Lent is coming! I’m certain this means that everyone in the Catholic blogosphere is currently obsessing over their first Lent posts. Because those will get Googled most of all.
  3. Awhile back, I was wondering aloud about how we were going to feed ourselves now that I’m in school. Believe it or not, it hasn’t been an issue so far. Bret’s been doing a lot of cooking on the weeknights and I’ve been pulling my weight by having a ready supply of side dishes and salads available in the fridge. This probably won’t work forever, but for now it’s alright.
  4. It’s time.

    All my Shonda shows are back tonight! We’re still four episodes behind on Scandal, so I imagine that that will constitute the bulk of our weekend activities.