I like my carbohydrates. I like them a lot. Some might say that I enjoy carbohydrates a little too much. For example, I have long contended that the appropriate bread to egg ratio for a plate of fried eggs is 5:2. Over the past year, however, I have started paying more attention to what I shove in my face and that means cutting down on my beloved white/sourdough/challah bread.

In an effort to curb my carb enthusiasm, I decided to give this whole “Egg in a Basket” thing a try. (I mean, 1:1 egg to bread is definitely a nutritional improvement, right?)

First, I punched holes in my bread using a (very thematic) cookie cutter.

photo 1

Then, I put butter in the pan and added my bread. After the bread started to look sort of toasty, I cracked the eggs into a small bowl and used that to pour the eggs in the bread holes.

photo 2

photo 3

And I waited.

photo 4

Then I flipped the egg/bread over and hoped I didn’t break either of them. (I didn’t.)

Minor flipping snafu.

Minor flipping snafu.

Then, I waited some more. Et voila, eggs in a basket!

They were pretty good. Could have used more bread, though.