Last week, Kendra whipped up a pretty compelling list of all the things that moms can throw or give away without feeling guilty. There are a lot of great things on that list, but a lot of them are pretty motherly — which makes sense for her but not for me. So, just in case you’ve been looking for a list of 25 things you can pitch guilt-free even if you don’t have kids, here it is:

  1. That pair of jeans that haven’t fit since you gained the freshman 15.
  2. The 1970s-era Tupperware from your Grandma’s garage.
  3. The jar of lemon pepper in the back of your pantry.
  4. Clothes that have “needed repairs” for the past 6 months.
  5. Any shoes that have holes in the soles.
  6. The Christmas cards you meant to send last year
  7. The Christmas cards you received last year.
  8. Those sour cream containers you’re saving for storage purposes.
  9. The old acrylic yarn you’ve moved 8 times.
  10. The fabric remnants that “would make great curtains.”
  11. The old shirts that you’ll “totally use for polishing shoes.”
  12. Your husband’s plastic cups from college.
  13. The Corelle plates that you’ve never liked.
  14. Rusty whisks.
  15. Mismatched measuring cups.
  16. Half a bag of potting soil left over from your brief gardening phase.
  17. Free hats from your dad’s business events.
  18. Used pregnancy tests.
  19. That Ziplock baggie of box tops that you forgot about.
  20. That print of the Sphinx that you thought was cool in high school.
  21. Any plants that you “thought you could revive.”
  22. The ribbons from your bridal shower.
  23. Any certificates from middle or high school.
  24. Your work uniform hat from the college dining hall.
  25. Smelly lotion that you don’t like.

You’re welcome.