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Well hello there, new friends! Thanks to a fabulous friend’s Facebook share, there are a lot more of you around here today. Since I want us to be friendly friends forever, I thought I’d share a little bit more about who I am. You know, so we can be better friends.

  1. My name is Elizabeth and I spend most of my working days looking like this:image (36)
  2. I’ve worked from home for more than a year. Technically, I’m a contract Project Manager who caters to a diverse and unique blend of clients. Most of my clients are really swell people. The few who aren’t get written about. (So many reasons to yell at me!)
  3. I don’t love working from home, but I don’t hate it either. It gives me a lot of free time to pursue great hobbies like watching Drugs Inc. and cleaning my bathrooms.
  4. All of the great appliances in my life have names. My car is Puddles, my sewing machine is Rita and I call my stand mixer Myrtle.
  5. We have a four pound furry companion named The Bunny. Here he is with his buddy, The Plague Rat:

    Super Besties here.

    Super Besties here.

  6. I don’t have children (yet) and I’ve (thankfully) never experienced a loss. If you read the list and felt sad about #18, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it. Please don’t be sad.
  7. My favorite color is yellow, but all my furniture is blue.
  8. My least favorite chore is unloading the dishwasher. Recently, I discovered that the whole process only takes 4 minutes — I owe my husband several hundred turns now but I’m not happy about it.
  9. I read a lot of blogs, but I’ve been a real git about commenting lately. My favorite reads are Catholic All Year, Carrots for Michaelmas, My Pinterest Board Live, Beth Anne’s Best, Call her happy, LladybirdOne Catholic Mama and Lindsay Loves.
  10. I’m “athletic” in all the same ways as a 1940s gentlemen — I like golf, pool, horseracing and blackjack.
  11. We’re Catholic, obviously.
  12. I drink a lot more coffee than I probably should. But it’s so tasty.
  13. I feel very strongly that everyone has a skill that they can lend to a volunteer organization. I also believe that almost everyone can find the time to give.
  14. Autumn is my favorite season (but I don’t like Pumpkin Spice Lattes or Pumpkin Spice anything, really).
  15. I’m happy that you’re here!

What should I know about you?