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This week, my priest will be off and away at the Servite Chapter — basically a big ole meeting for members of the order. I decided that his absence was the perfect opportunity to ask a question that has been gnawing at my brain for quite some time:

Do the Servites have a secret handshake?

I will admit, Father Joe was not picking up what I was putting down when I first posed the question. Once I awkwardly restated the question in a way that got the message across (Fun fact: Apparently “So what’s the secret handshake?” is not the best way to find out all the supersecrets of the Servite Order.) the answer came quickly:

If we did, I wouldn’t tell you.

Does that seem inconclusive to you? It seemed inconclusive to me, so I Googled it. The great search engine didn’t give me much to go on, which leaves me with three options for what the answer is:

  1. The Servites do have a secret handshake and Father Joe is never going to tell me what it is.
  2. The Servites don’t have a super secret handshake and I should stop asking about it.
  3. The Servites don’t have a secret handshake but they will after this Chapter (thanks to yours truly and her brilliant suggestion).