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Well hi there! We’re still gone, but before we left, I convinced my husband to answer some deep and burning questions. I was trying to convince him to write his very own guest post, but he wasn’t into that.

Here we go!

— 1 —

“What do you think of Dave Brandon?”

This was Dave Brandon back when he was shiny and new and had not yet made it clear that he would be THE ABSOLUTE WORST.


“What do you think of Dave Brandon?”

I’m glad he’s not with us. I’m glad he’s no longer with us, which makes it sound like he’s dead. Which he might be. He’s dead to me. I hope that whatever Northeastern Prep school he ends up at is ready for their program to be ruined, too. He’s our Matt Millen — he did that much damage.

“Who’s Matt Millen?”

He was the general manager of the Lions for about 8 years. And he went — I could look up his overall winning percentage, but it’s really bad.

— 2 —

“Why do you hate Halloween?”

I don’t hate Halloween. I’ve just never been good at Halloween. I don’t know, I just don’t like dressing up. And that’s pretty much the whole thing, soooo?

“Why don’t you like dressing up?”

It’s usually because I couldn’t think of anything to be. Which it was this year, and it is most every year.

— 3 —

“What’s your favorite part of domestic rabbit ownership?”

We don’t ever shame our bunny. But I have no problem sharing another bunny’s shame.

I have to have a favorite? That’s not part of my answer! NEITHER IS THAT!

I think it’s watching him do entertaining things. At least, entertaining to me. It’s certainly not the cage cleaning, excessive fur or other unpleasant things.

— 4 —

“Favorite golf club?”

That’s actually a good question. I like my 8 iron. That’s what I use a lot.

“Why is it your favorite?”

Um. At the places that we play — at Gaylord — that’s my usual second shot club. I find that it’s the most accurate second shot club I have. I know that a wedge probably should be more accurate, but sometimes you miss. And if you skull a wedge, you’re 40 yards over the green now and that’s bad.

— 5 —

“Let’s play some word association.”



What is this for? Again, that’s not part of my answer. Um. Bells.




**** that guy. Overrated, how about that? 

You’re just making this up as you go along! These words don’t mean anything!

— 6 —

“What’s your least favorite noise?”

The sound of me bleeding. No. Now wait a minute! That was off the record! I don’t like this anymore. This is not making me look good.

“I’m sorry. Would you like to answer the question?”

The sound of the fire alarm going off at work isn’t much fun because it’s right next to my desk and it’s really loud.

— 7 —

“Do you have any feedback on the interview process?”

Nope. Fun time. 

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