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When I asked Elizabeth what kind of topic she would like me to write about, she gave me the genre of “kids or something.” (Editor’s note: that is exactly what I said to her.)  That narrowed it down ☺  So, I present to you my kid-related post.  

My little man, Simon, just turned one at the end of September.  Since he is the first, and only, grandchild on both sides of the family, he was pretty much spoiled.  And, as much as I don’t want to think about it, I know that Christmas is just around the corner.  I feel like we already have more toys around this house than we need; the thought of being inundated with more this holiday season is just overwhelming.

BUT, I do hold the theory that you can never have enough books.   Fun books, educational books, bring on all the books!  If you have a squirmy toddler in your life that you would like to buy a present for, here are some of our favorites, as well as some that are on our wish list.

Please note that I am not in any way a children’s lit expert.  These are just some books that we love at our house.  And many of the selected books can fulfill more than one of the listed categories.  

Interactive Books

Interactive Books

My Simon loves to dance.  He loves music.  And he loves to play with other people.  So why not get all of those things shoved into a book?  If books have a rhyming, sing-song feel, he really gets into them.  Also, some affection never goes amiss, either.  Some of his favorite stories to get into are:

Doing the Animal Bop

Your Personal Penguin

Time for a Hug

I am all for anything that makes reading fun.  If it takes me singing, dancing and/or making a fool of myself, that is okay.  Since I’ve already thrown caution to the wind when it comes to personal embarrassment, let’s pile it on and consider adding some of these options to our collection:

Flip, Flap, Fly!

Happy Hippo, Angry Duck

Eric Carle’s Around the Farm

Educational Books  

Educational Books

It’s important to me, as a parent, to make sure I’m teaching Simon new things.  I know that he’s at an age where he may not understand much of it, but reading is so important to learning and development no matter the age!

Usborne Very First Words: Animals

One Hungry Monster

Touch and Feel Farm

And here are some more that we would love to add to our “learning library.”

Frankenstein: A BabyLit Anatomy Primer

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

First 100 Words

Big Noises, Big Equipment

Noisy Books

Simon is all boy.  If the book involves cool sound effects and/or any type of big equipment he is all about it; sometimes, the sound effects are the only things that make him sit still!  These are some of the ones that he always pulls off the shelf:

The Little Dump Truck


The Little Blue Truck

There isn’t enough noise in our house, so here are some “loud” books that we’re wishing for:

Little Blue Truck’s Christmas

Sherlock Holmes in The Hound of the Baskervilles

Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel

For Your Mass Bag

Mass Bag

Sometimes, that 45-60 minutes of our week are some of the longest!  Simon is at an age where sitting still or being in a confined area for that long is akin to torture.  I always make sure to have a supply of Catholic-themed books in my bag to help keep him entertained in those moments where a meltdown is imminent.  Two of our current favorites are:

Turn and Learn: Saints

Hail Mary

And we are hoping to add these to our bag:

Celebrating Mass

Our Blessed Mother

The Miracles of Jesus

As you can see, we love books.  While some days I feel like we are drowning in toys, I am always happy to welcome a new book through our front door.  I hope if you have any kids to buy for this holiday season, you’ll consider giving them some books.  They really are the gift that keeps on giving.  


Ed Note: How adorable are they? Emily and I are practically neighbors, so I'm going to have to stalk out her house sometime soon.

Ed Note: How adorable are they? Emily and I are practically neighbors, so I’m going to have to stalk out her house sometime soon.

Emily is a wife and stay-at-home mom living the Midwestern dream with her little family.  She is a lover of chocolate, coffee and comfy sweaters.  You can find out more about her and read her ramblings over at Raising Barnes.