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  1. I’m only two days in, but I do feel like school is going well so far. At the very least, I’ve ordered all of my textbooks, so that’s a big hassle that I can take off my to-do list. (Still no word on the missing syllabus, but I’m sure it’ll be up soon.)
  2. After more than a year of happily living in our current lodgings, we’re finally experiencing some of the more obnoxious parts of renting your house. There’s the week-long wait for an electrician who tells you that he “can’t see a problem here” and the troops of folks from the management company who don’t seem to understand why my maiden name isn’t on the buzzer. (Which, seriously? I haven’t had my maiden name for more than a year. Get with the times y’all.) Today’s battle is the “property tour” for a “prospective buyer.” They gave us exactly 24 hours notice, which threw me into a cleaning frenzy. Annoyances aside, I can confidently say my house is immaculate for the tour.

    This lady gets me.

  3. Dinner hour classes means re-thinking the way we eat dinner. For example, pork chops are not happening on a night where Bret gets home at 6:30 and I get home at 8. Taco salad is totally happening, though. In fact, it happened last night.

    These come from Taco Bell. Mine come from higher than Grade B beef.

  4. Does anyone else’s household companion animal have a major thing for road salt? I’m telling you, I cannot keep The Bunny away from anything that’s been in the snow. It’s bizarre.

    It’s like this all day, every day but with boots and the entry rug.

  5. If you could send up some prayers and/or positive vibes our way for some (as of yet) unbloggable happens, I would greatly appreciate it.

How’s your Wednesday going?