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Clearly, this week got away from me. I could grovel and apologize, but I’m not going to because busyness is just par for the course at this point. Since there are no indications that I’m going to be less busy any time soon, I thought now would be a good time for a few quick programming notes. 7 of them, to be exact.

Googled “Programming Notes,” got this smart looking lady. We’re just going to roll with it, okay?

  1. School is starting soon and the textbook list keeps growing and growing. So far, they actually haven’t been that expensive, but I’m withholding judgment until the entire list is out. On the plus side, I’ve got some really deep stuff about the New Testament to share with you all.
  2. Last year, my brother gifted me a login for his Netflix. I’ve recently discovered that I like Netflix. A lot. I’m coming for you, Catholic All Year Netflix Linkup.
  3. Pursuant to point 1, I’m playing around with how I’d like this blog to look/function after school starts. 6 posts a week doesn’t seem sustainable. For sure, I’ll keep bopping along with What I Wore Sunday, 7 Quick Takes and Weekends Without Words, but I’m not sure what the other days will look like.*
  4. Speaking of 3Ws, I think it would really look much slicker if I spent the $13 dollars for the ability to have everyone’s picture show up when they join the linkup. But since I’m a pragmatist and also really cheap frugal, I’m not going to do that until I get at least 3 people to join. So — if you’ve been on the fence — join us! You could be the difference between a sad, pictureless linkup and one that is all fun and stuff.
  5. Beth Anne is hosting an Advent Blog Hop and my turn is Monday. I’ll be writing about how Bret and I are developing some new traditions, as well as why we might not be making any “traditions” at all.
  6. We’re headed back to Michigan this weekend for a Christmas Party with my (extremely large and extended network of) in-laws. Sunday, we’ll be partaking in Thanksgiving 2.0, a party that we’ve been going to since college. It will be busy but extremely photogenic.
  7. Something exciting is happening with regards to my work life. Nothing’s official yet, but hopefully I’ll have something to report next week.

For more quick takes, light your bottle rockets and shoot on over to This Ain’t the Lyceum.

*Seriously, is Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Friday an acceptable posting schedule for you folks? Should it be Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday? Help me out.