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Awhile ago, I (reluctantly) wrote about our plans to get right with God and Mother Nature. Back then, we were just getting into recycling and considering what else we could do to greenify our house/make better use of God’s creation. I figured I’d take some time today to let you know how we’ve been doing.

A bin this big can hold a lot of beer bottles and newspapers, y’all.

First, we have a recycling bin now. It’s pretty gigantic, actually — a full 19 gallons. Since we started using it, the change in our trash output was immediate. Back in the dark era, we had to take the trash out two or three times a week (which is pretty shameful for two people). Now, we’re down to once per week — and that’s usually only because it’s kind of starting to smell.

The recycling thing made me feel really good about myself and our household, so I started looking around for other ways to improve our household management. Here’s what we’ve done so far:

None of mine look this cool.

  • We’re down to using paper towels only for napkins, The Bunny cage and toilets. Honestly, I’d be okay with using rags for the cage, too but Bret’s not into it.
  • I’ve invested in a slew of canvas shopping bags for groceries and errands and stuff. (Except for raw meat, because that’s another one of Bret’s things.) What plastic bags I do bring home from the store get recycled the next time I go.
  • When we dine out, I think long and hard about what to order — most of the time, the portion sizes are huge, so I’ve been trying to order things that will taste okay for lunch the next day.
  • Instead of buying a petroleum-based (or otherwise wasteful) Advent wreath, we bought some clippings from a local nursery and made our own with ribbons left over from our wedding. Honestly, at the rate we’re going through them, we’ll be using those ribbons for presents and stuff until our 20th anniversary.

Even though we’re making major improvements, I feel like there are other things we could be doing. What things do you do at your house?