So I’m going to try to make this whole link up thing happen this weekend. Since it can’t be “real” link up without at least a few rules, I made up some rules:

  • You can take your pictures with whatever you have handy — I’ve always done iPhone pictures, but you can use your phone, camera, tablet or whatever you like.
  • You can post as many pictures as you want — I’ve always done 5 or 10, but you can do as few as 1 or as many as a million.*
  • You can include your Weekend Without Words in a post that has words. I understand that there are a lot of linkups out there and I don’t want anyone to feel like they have to designate a whole new post for this. It’s supposed to be fun!
  • That being said, don’t caption your photos. In fact, don’t even explain your pictures. It’s called “Without Words” for a reason.
  • You should, however, let people know where to find us.
  • The linkup will open on Sunday nights and remain open until noon** on Wednesday. Hopefully, this gives everyone plenty of time.
  • You can use #3Ws for all your social media needs.***

So there you have it! All the rules you could ever want or need! See you tonight!


*Don’t do a million, let’s keep it reasonable here.

**Central time.

***I mean, I’m pretty terrible at hashtags, but people wanted them soooooo…..