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Hi there! Lisa is one of my bestest buddies (actually, my only buddy) from my very first work from home gig. She’s here today to show us what her work situation looks like these days.

I’ve had the great fortune of being able to work from home full-time for many years now. I won’t kid you, I love it. Sure, I can set my own hours and run a quick errand when I need to but there’s more to love about it than just that. Oh, heck. How about I just walk you through it in pictures.

I can nap whenever I want. Sort of.

face cat eye cat coulson nap

I get to have anything I want for lunch. Assuming I can get to it.

pizza cat

I have total privacy whenever I need it.


I can work from anywhere, even while camping.


Or cruising.


Unless it’s too windy.


I can make new friends.


And get the most adorable surprise visitors.

T and me

My clients take me on fun field trips, like pontoon boat rides.


I can go out whenever I want, though I can’t always get back in.


I don’t have to share my office equipment. Okay, that’s a lie.

chair cat iron man computer cat

At the end of the day I can unwind with a relaxing puzzle. Also a lie.

puzzle cat