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It’s that time again, folks! Time for another rousing rendition of TL;DR. I hope you’re all as excited as I am, because I’m so excited that I could kick a kitten or something!

Here’s What’s Up:

  • We leave for our trip tomorrow! We’re (almost entirely) packed, we own (almost) every conceivable travel guide and we’ve planned a ton of fun stuff to do and see. Beyond getting to spend time with my husband exploring somewhere new, I’m really thrilled to have the opportunity to completely unplug from work. I even made a polite, yet firm vacation signature. Because woe befall the client who doesn’t understand what “away from my email” means.
  • Even though I’m checking out of work, I won’t be completely abandoning all of you. I’ve got some super swell guest posts scheduled, but I’ll still be checking out the comments, blowing up Instagram, showing you What I Wore Sunday and recapping my weekends without words.
  • Speaking of weekends without words, Beth Anne and I were talking about making that a link up. I would change the title from “The Weekend in 5 iPhone Photos” to “Weekend without Words” because it’s pithy and I like it. What do you think? It would go live Sunday night and I’d probably leave it open until Wednesday, because I’m generous like that.
  • We’ve officially reached the age where everyone is getting married. Bret and I did a quick tally and so far we have 6 in 2015 that we know of and at least 8 more in 2016. I’m going to need some more wedding appropriate attire.
  • Class Registration has come and gone. Next semester, I’m taking Christian Origins (A Study of the New Testament), Human Origins and Psychological Development and Canon Law. Sound heavy? Yea. That’s what I think, too.

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