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All Saints’ Day is on a Saturday this year, which means that it has been bumped from Holy Day of Obligation status. Still, I’m a big believer in celebrating for the sake of celebrating, so I’ve got some ideas.

  • Dress your child or pet up for All Saints’ Day.

Future family photo?

Plenty of people out here in the blogosphere are already down with the tradition of helping their children dress up as Saints for the holiday. Since I don’t have children, I’m considering dressing The Bunny up as a teeny tiny St. Elizabeth Ann Seton.

  • Go to the early Mass.

My church has one Mass for All Saints’ Day — the Saturday at 7:30 am. Getting up earlier than normal on a Saturday is a great way to make the day feel special.

  • Pray to a Saint that has touched your life.

This seems pretty self-explanatory. I like Mother Cabrini, but that’s just me.

Credit: cosmicawareness.org

  • Research a few new Saints.

Ideally, All Saints’ Day shouldn’t be a day to only remember the Saints you know. If you’re looking for a good way to make the most of your day, why not research a few new (to you) Saints?

  • Go to confession.

This isn’t All Saints’ Day specific, but I’m fairly certain that the average person doesn’t go to confession as often as they should. Why not take advantage of the special day and go get right with God?

  • Call your grandmother.

Because it makes her happy.

  • Buy cheap candy.

All of them for me, all of them for cheap.

Because you can.

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