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One of the nicest things about having a rabbit for a pet — as opposed to a dog or a river otter or something like that — is that traveling is never a huge problem for us. We don’t have to kennel The Bunny and we don’t have to worry about finding someone to let him out two or three times a day. Still, there are some unique considerations to keep in mind for when we leave our Bunny in the care of Grandma or friends.

  • The Bunny is a social animal.

The longest we’ll ever leave The Bunny without arranging for a visitor is approximately 60 hours. We aren’t really worried about his safety, but he is a social animal. If you leave him too long without any human interaction, he gets a wee bit neurotic. So when you do stop by, make sure to talk to him — he likes to hear people’s voices.

  • You can’t overfeed him.

Just let the poor man eat!

Sometimes people get a little alarmed by the amount of food we tell people to leave out for The Bunny. Don’t worry! The nice thing about our rabbit is that he won’t overeat on his own. In fact, right now, we’re more concerned that he doesn’t eat enough after a recent health scare. So go ahead, give him a whole head of romaine lettuce for 2 or 3 days. If it doesn’t meet his high standards, The Bunny won’t eat it, anyway.

  • The Bunny is a prey animal.

When you walk in the door, he’s going to bolt. Don’t take it personally. The Bunny runs away from any major noises because he’s a prey animal.

  • He’s a “four on the floor” kind of dude.

Some bunnies might enjoy being picked up and snuggled. Ours does not. However, he does like to sit on the couch next to people. So feel free to sit down and he’ll hop up. Just don’t pick him up or try to cuddle him. He’s not a fan. (The Bunny does love head pats, though, so scratch away.)

  • The Bunny is a master at hide-and-seek.

He’s “It.”

If you walk in and can’t find him, he didn’t get out. He’s under the recliner. Or behind the toilet. Or wedged between the kitchen bench and the table.

  • Like dogs, The Bunny likes television.
Here he is, watching Good Eats.

Here he is, watching Good Eats.

Our trip to Europe will be the longest we’ve ever left The Bunny with a sitter, so we’re going to have to come up with a plan for his television consumption. Believe it or not, there are shows that he enjoys more than others. When I neurotically tell you to turn Duck Dynasty on and let the TV shut off on its own, just roll with it.

  • When in doubt, call me.

Or you know, email. Rabbits do weird stuff and I don’t want you freaking out for no reason.

  • When in more doubt, call the vet.

We love our vet and trust her entirely. If you think he needs medical care, I’d rather you be overcautious. (We’ll give you money for this, too.)

  • The Bunny does make noise.

Long lost cousin.

Lots of people think that rabbits are silent animals. That isn’t at all true. The Bunny grunts like a small fluffy pig. It’s how he says “hello,” “goodbye” and “leave me alone.” So I always tell people not to worry about his normal bunny grunting — if he sounds like he’s in pain, though, you should definitely call me.

  • We were serious when we warned you about your shoes and cell phone chargers.

Let’s be real here, The Bunny is not going to be happy that we’re gone and he will lash out on your leather goods and electronic cables. Hide them.