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Dudes and Dudettes! Normally, I never ever post more than once a day, but I was hanging out over at Lindsay Loves this morning and realized that I missed an installment of Jenna’s TL; DR at Call Her Happy.

This would not stand.

So, even though I’ve already told you all about a really old cook book today, I’m still going to hop into the TL; DR fiestaval before it’s too late!

  • We’re leaving on our honeymoon in 15 days! The excitement is mounting, even though we still have a lot of packing and planning to do. The good news is that here on the blog front, I have plenty of really fantastic friends who are going to fill in for me. You’re going to love it, I promise.
  • Speaking of travels — do you need any prayers? We’re going to be hitting up a lot of supreme religious sites while we’re abroad. If you have any special intentions that you’d like us to pray for, let me know! They’ll be in good hands, I promise.
  • I have so many books. My quest to empty the bookshelf has been put on hold because Aquinas got a book donation. No joke, I brought home like 35 books last night. First up: Sisters at Arms a history of women in the Catholic Church across two millennia.
  • Grad school starts in January. But I have to register for classes in 10 days. I’m sort of freaking out a little bit about it all because there are so many classes and I want to take all of them. It’s a major problem, folks.
  • I love me some questionable media. My recent binge runs of Grey’s Anatomy and Resurrection have led me to really contemplate my deep love for trashy TV, books and movies. We’ll have to talk about it.

To see what everyone else has been up to, scoot on over to Call Her Happy.