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Another busy week is over! Let’s consider what we got up to:

— 1 —


After staying up entirely too late with friends who were over for Fajita Friday, we slept in until way past a respectable waking time. Once we were finally up and moving, we watched some football, picked up the kitchen and made a plan for the evening:

Pizza and Gone Girl.

First things first — I’m of the opinion that Chicago-style deep dish pizza is proof that Satan exists and is trying to destroy goodness and happiness. For that reason, I was really into the pizza we got on Saturday. Exhibit A:


After we stuffed our faces, we headed to the movies. I read Gone Girl earlier this year and found it to be a quick, entertaining and extremely dark read. If you’re into that sort of thing, you’d love the movie. If you don’t want to have to think about what would happen if your spouse is a manipulative sociopath, skip it.

— 2 —


Sunday was another lazy day. I read a book and ate leftover fajitas while Bret watched a CLE (continuing legal education) DVD about DUI-defense. (Let me tell you right now — driving while under the influence of alcohol or other substances is not cool, man.)

Eventually, we got ourselves put together enough to go to Mass and the grocery store. Then Bret made pork chops and brussel sprouts (which were awesome if you’re into that sort of thing).

— 3 —


Aquinas was closed to observe the bank holiday, so we had a free night to go hang out with our friends from church.




This is when we were listening to stories from the ER.


— 4 —


When I woke up on Tuesday, I thought I was going to be meeting up with a friend for dinner and bowling so I blew through all of my chores like a boss. Unfortunately, due to the weather and a sudden work conflict, we couldn’t get together.

I didn’t take any pictures because I didn’t do anything worth taking a picture of.

— 5 —


Wednesday was another rainy day, so I took advantage of the inclement weather to catch up on some of the 11 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy that have accumulated on my DVR over the past 6 months.* After I finished up with work and television, I headed out on an adventure to a bowling alley with this lady:

Fun Fact: We got these shirts for free if we agreed to pose for a picture.

Fun Fact: We got these shirts for free if we agreed to pose for a picture.

— 6 —


Thursday was a normal, regular old Thursday complete with a morning workout and yet another episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Then, I dashed off for lunch with my parents and a few family friends. I also:

  • Toiled away on the November/December Lector schedule.
  • Found some people to take over my blog while I’m gone (thank you all! I love you so much!).
  • Picked my little brother up from the airport.
  • Went to a Pastoral Council Meeting.
  • Ate a grilled cheese sandwich.

It was actually a really busy day.

— 7 —


I don’t know what the rest of Friday will look like, but it started with this:

image (57)

*One day, we’ll have a long discussion about Grey’s Anatomy and why I still love it even though it’s extremely problematic.

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