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What book is this?

Cooking for Carefree Weekends by Molly Finn and Jeri Laber.

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Published in 1974, this hardcover book promises to teach “you how to entertain with ease and elegance all year round…These are meals for people who like to eat and like to cook but who want to be able to spend most of the time with their guests.”

What’s the story behind this book?

This book came to me from my grandmother’s basement. She was in a clean out kind of mood and knows how much I enjoy old cookbooks. Now it’s mine.

What’s the best part of this book?

There’s something really charming about how Cooking for Carefree Weekends lays out its weekend menus. I’m also a big fan of anything that tells me how I should break down prep for all of the weekend meals.

Here are some meal plans.

Here are some meal plans.

Plus, there are some great 70s-era recipes up in here. For great stuff like pickled mushrooms and coffee cake (not together).

What’s the worst part of this book?

There are no pictures.


Not a one.

Don’t these people realize that the pictures are the best part?

Is this book actually useful?

Apparently, back in the day, breakfast was not always a DIY affair.

Apparently, back in the day, breakfast was not always a DIY affair.

That depends. While I highly doubt that I’ll ever use one of their complete meal plans for a weekend, there are definitely some good things in here. Also, some really excellent sounding soups.