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(Or what I learned from 24 hours without my iPhone.)

On Monday, shortly before I left for Aquinas, I had the brilliant idea to wipe down the counter in the bathroom. I was wearing a jacket that I was a little on the fence about keeping — mostly because the pockets weren’t quite big enough. Leaning over to dust of the side of the counter, I heard the sickening and distinctive plink of my phone hitting the bottom of a body of water.

Shockingly calm about the whole thing, I fished it out of it’s watery grave, threw in in a tupperware container of rice and went on my merry way. 28 hours later, the phone was dry but it definitely wasn’t working.

I ended up getting a new phone (that was exactly the same as my old phone) yesterday afternoon — it’s a great story, really, but one for a different day. However, I did spend 28 or so hours without a smart phone, or any phone at all. Here’s what I learned.

  • You can get a lot done with four hours in a quiet room.

Most weeks, I spend my four hours in the computer lab at Aquinas reading a book (on my phone), texting (on my phone) or surfing the internet (on my phone). I didn’t have my phone on Monday so I was forced to come up with other ways to pass the time. I read a paper book, reorganized my calendar and signed and return-addressed 95 Christmas cards. If I had had my phone, none of that stuff would have gotten done.

  • It’s nice not hovering.

Another pleasant side effect of being phone-less is that I didn’t spend all of my time away from my phone worrying that I had missed something important on my phone. All the key players knew that my phone was out of commission, so no one felt compelled to text me. It was great.

  • Too much of my life is on my phone.

By hour 28, I missed having a phone. I like being able to call and text people and mess around on the internet while I’m on the train. However, I’m now convinced that entirely too much of my life is dictated by my phone. Moving forward, I’m going to try to be more diligent about not spending so much time on it.

Have you ever dropped a phone in water? Did the rice thing work for you?