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This weekend was my second foray into my in-laws’ annual ladies outlet shopping adventure. As I told you all last week, I was better prepared for the experience this go-around. (I made lists! I had sizes written down and everything!) My preparations paid off because I felt way less stressed out about everything and much more relaxed. We picked out some good stuff for Bret and I managed to get a few things off of my wishlist from various members of the new family.


True Story: Christmas Cards are going to happen this year. I'm starting early, it'll be rad.

True Story: Christmas Cards are going to happen this year. I’m starting early, it’ll be rad.

I still feel really inadequate at this whole “Christmas Shopping” thing. Having people spend money on me makes me feel really awkward/uncomfortable and it’s even more awkward when I’m there to watch them spend money on me. Realistically, I know that I should be grateful that there are so many people that care about me — and I am, very much so. But there’s a niggling part of my brain that says that these people should spend their money on something else because I’m not that important.

Ultimately, I need to let it go.


So that’s where I’m at. I’m doing Christmas Cards (which will be sent this year, so help me) and trying to get better about feeling less awkward about my new Christmas traditions.

What do you think? Do you feel awkward when people spend money on you? Also, do you send Christmas Cards and do you have any sweet organizational tips to help make this easier for me?