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  1. I blew you off yesterday because I got trapped in the deep souless abyss that is my pathological need to clean things. Once I get started, it’s hard to stop! The sad news is that I’m sure you all missed me very very much. The good news is that the baseboards behind my refrigerator have never been cleaner.*

    This was me yesterday. Except my kitchen isn’t that well lit.

  2. The school year is back in full swing, which means that I’m back to spending my Mondays at Aquinas. This year, I have an actual student of my very own. Since we’re just getting to know each other, I’m fairly certain that she’s afraid of me. I’m not sure how, though, I have such adorable teaching aids.

    Aren't they cute?

    Aren’t they cute?

  3. Tomorrow starts the epic annual in-law outlet adventure!** Last year, I made the rookie mistake of not bringing a list. (I don’t think my mother-in-law has forgiven me yet, actually.) This year, I’m prepared with a list, a budget and snacks so I don’t get hangry.

    Not pictured: Me with my snacks.

  4. Lately, I’ve been on a “Young Adult” Novel kick. I have a lot of thoughts about these so-called “Young Adult” “Masterpieces.” Does anyone want to hear about them? I’m asking because if you don’t, I’ll keep them all to myself.***

Spoiler Alert: I’ve read trashy romance novels that are more appropriate for high schoolers than this series.

*That’s not true. They were definitely cleaner when we moved it.

**How do you like my assonance?

***This is also not true. I’ve already shared my thoughts with my mother, husband, brother and most of my co-workers.