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On Saturday, we happy few, we band of brothers made the trek to God’s Country itself — Southbend, Indiana. We came prepared for a long day of Dropkick Murphys songs, plaid kilts and chants about the Irish arriving soon. We were ready for the college fight song throw down. We were steeled against the inevitable boo-ing.

What we weren’t prepared for was getting shut out.

Another Streak Is Over

Do you know when the last time Michigan got shut out was? 1984. Do you know who wasn’t born in 1984? Me. But here we are again, rebuilding a 30 year no shut out streak from the bottom up.

I’ve been pissed off about Michigan football games before (Any time we’ve lost to Ohio State, that one time a Penn State graduate student hit me in the face in my own student section), but I’m not even mad this time.

Don't worry, band! You were great!

Don’t worry, band! You were great!


I’m just sad.

I’m sad that our program is a joke and has been since I was a sophomore. I’m sad that hundreds of Michigan fans spent upwards of a grand to watch a game played like that. I’m positively flummoxed that our head coach, the Michigan Man* himself, had nothing but terse words and snark for us after the game.

It’s not good when the high point of your game day experience is having 3 Notre Dame fans congratulate you for sticking it out through the end of the game.

We followed the band out to a rousing round of “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye” because that’s the way the day went.

*Seriously, cheer up Mister Hoke. Even Bo had a shut out.