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This is going to be me soon.

  1. Today is the day. It is the day that I shall finally hit submit on my grad school application. If you’re into prayers and stuff, send one up for me.
  2. Chicago has been experiencing a wave of positively autumnal weather. It’s August 14th and I haven’t run the air conditioner in more than 3 days. That’s a little weird, non? To celebrate this unprecedented cool-down, we’re having people over for chilli on Saturday. It should be positively delicious.
  3. I got new golf shoes yesterday! I’ve been wearing a hand-me-down pair from my Dad. They’ve more than served their purpose, but I’m happy to have a pair of shoes that actually fit me (his feet are wider than mine). Plus, they look like old-school lady saddle shoes, which is awesome.
  4. On Sunday, we’re going with our church friends to volunteer at a group home for children. We’re playing kickball and other various outdoor games. I said I’d make cookies for snack time. Should I make thumbprints or just regular sugar cookies? Will kids eat thumbprints?