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I didn’t have a post yesterday, which is unusual for me because I usually have something to say. (Don’t worry Beth Anne! I’ll get on that blog-hop soon!) I didn’t have a post yesterday because I was busy dealing with a Bunny-related crisis.

Our little friend had a bit of a health scare and had to spend the day at the vet’s office. An IV, two sedatives and three prescriptions later, he’s back home and on the mend but we need to keep a close eye on him over the next two weeks. (Including daily emails to Dr. Sue. What up, Dr. Sue?!) 

Just doing a little light reading.

Just doing a little light reading.

It was a really stressful and emotional day for me — it’s never easy to leave your pet with strangers for 8 hours — but I managed to eke out a few lessons from the whole experience:

  1. If your rabbit isn’t eating or drinking, it’s a big problem. Get thee to a veterinarian, yo!
  2. It is not fun to syringe-feed a four pound rabbit three different medicines twice a day. I imagine it’ll get less fun as he starts to feel better and more mobile.
  3. The Bunny didn’t ask to be in my family, so it’s my responsibility to make sure that he’s okay — even if it means that I end up crying in a vet’s office.
  4. Watching a sedated rabbit try to function is better than the fainting goats videos.