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On Monday, we celebrated an important milestone here in the household: the Bunny turned three! He celebrated with a double portion of cilantro and half of a Tostitos Brand corn chip. Living the life, I tell you.image (9)

In honor of the littlest member of our family’s third* birthday, I’ve decided to tell you three things that the Bunny knows how to do:

image (10)

  1. He can untie your shoes for you! Of course, he only does this when you’re trying to tie your shoes to leave for work in the morning — but that’s okay. I’m confident that, with time and yogurt drops, we can train him to untie our shoes when we get home for the night.
  2. He can un-shelve your books for you! We discovered this fun fact when we were gone for Memorial Day Weekend. It seems that our little friend was less-than-thrilled to have been excluded from the festivities. I’m sure we can find away to make this a useful skill.
  3. He can sniff out fresh greens in the refrigerator! We’re still trying to convince him that he ought to learn how to open the crisper drawer for himself, but we’re definitely going places with this one.

image (11)

*You may be sitting there thinking “Wow, bunnies can live to be 3?!” Actually, they can live to be 10. So he’s still a relatively young rabbit.