1. How did you get your name?

Well, my parents didn’t really have a plan for what I was going to be named, so they arrived at the hospital with a suitably lengthy list. After a day or so, a nurse told them to go with “the traditional name” and Elizabeth Ann I became.

I hope the list looked that cool.

Which was great until I started Catholic high school — do you have any idea how many Elizabeth Anns there are at your average Catholic high school?!

2. Do you have a set time for prayer in your day?

Well, I start my day with the Morning Offering, but I need to get better about all the other times in the day. First goal: more regular prayer before meal times.

3. Did your mom work or stay home (or both)?

We moved around a lot when I was growing up, so it was (from what I understand) very difficult for my mother to find a job. So she stayed home — which was probably just as well since my dad traveled a ton.

Fun fact: my brother actually dressed like that for the holidays.

4. Do you vote?

Absolutely. How am I going to be able to argue about the state of the union if I don’t vote?

I’m real snotty about people who think voting is silly.

5. What’s your favorite drink?

Coffee. I’m all about the coffee.

Followed by Diet Coke.

Irish Coffee combines all of my favorite beverages, if you think about it.

When it comes to alcohol, I’m in a beer and whiskey phase right now, so I drink a lot of that. In the past, I’ve cycled through fascinations with rum and vodka. Also, Bret and I are trying to “get into wine,” which is a schmaltzy way of saying that we don’t want to look like morons when we go to dinner with our wine snob friends, so we’re edumacating ourselves on it.

6. How are your photography skills?

I can point my iPhone in the right direction and hit the button, if that’s what you mean. (…I don’t think that’s what you mean.)

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