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I’m going on a little adventure this weekend, which is not at all unusual for me. First, I’ll head to the Quad Cities for lunch with my non-blood family and then I’ll make the trek down to Kansas City to spend a few days with my brother. Finally, I’ll cross over to Saint Louis for a baby shower and then make my way back home. To Chicago, not Washington D.C.

It’s going to be a busy weekend of solo-driving but I’m not too concerned. If anything, I’m more concerned about how Bret will manage for 72+ hours alone with his thoughts and the bunny.

In order to make things easier on everyone around here, I try to do these 7 things before I leave on my solo-adventures.

— 1 —

Check the weather.


I never used to be the sort of person who cared what the weather was going to be like at my destination. Now that I’m more of a bonafide adult, I find myself very concerned about the climate in my vacation location. Ultimately, checking the weather helps me determine how many cardigans I need to bring with me.

— 2 —

Make a detailed packing list.

I’m a chronic over-packer. I can’t help it. The only solution I’ve found that can help me (sort of) avoid packing way too much stuff is to make a detailed packing list for myself. If it seems anal-retentive, that’s because it totally is.

— 3 —

Do as much laundry as I possibly can.

Not pictured: What my face actually looks like.

know I’m going to have to do laundry when I get home but I’d like to do as little laundry as possible.

Plus, I get bonus “Awesome Wife” points when I leave Bret with clean sheets and towels.

— 4 —

Print the directions.

I could use my phone’s map system, but I don’t because I don’t like playing with my phone while I drive. So I print old school mapquests. #throwback #vintage #luddite

— 5 —

Clean as much as possible.

I just think it’s a really not-so-nice thing to do if I leave my husband with a completely filthy house while I’m gone.

— 6 —

Make an “If You’re Bored” list.

Before I go away for the weekend, I like to make Bret a list of everything that he could possibly do around the house while I’m gone. Here’s the list for this trip:


Now, before you call you local Men’s Rights Activist Club to report me for disrespectful impertinence, hear me out. It’s not a to do list. It’s an “If you’re bored” list. I honestly would not care if the house looks exactly the same when I get back as it did when I left. (I’d probably have some choice words if he trashes the joint, but that’s a separate issue.) However, I’ve found that Bret often wants to clean a thing or two when I’m out of town and if I make a list of things that are on my radar, it’s a much-less frustrating experience for all involved.

I’m the secret keeper of all the household maintenance tasks, doncha know.

— 7 —

Think about everything I need done by Monday Night.

I know I’m going to have to work at least a little bit this weekend. Plus, Mondays after a long weekend of traveling are always a little unpleasant. To make sure that I don’t spend Monday morning wishing that I hadn’t gone away at all, I make a list of everything that needs to happen by the end of the day Monday. Then, when I have a few spare moments this weekend, I know exactly what I need to do.

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