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Hi all! I’m off on a field trip this morning, but I wanted to direct your attention to a post I wrote for Sarah over at Cherishing Everyday Beauty.

My patron Saint is Saint Elisabeth of Hungary but my other go-to Saint is Mother Cabrini. I’m not sure if I could call her “a close friend” because everything I know about her leads me to believe that she would not be pleased at my impertinence — I do think of Mother Cabrini as a great mentor and a source of professional strength.

Everyone who lives in Chicago has been touched by Mother Cabrini — even if they don’t realize it. From Columbus Hospital to Cabrini Green, Mother Cabrini has had a hand in a lot of what goes on in this city.

I have a more special reason for appreciating her, however. Mother Cabrini was a member of my parish back before she was a Saint. You can hear more about her time at my parish here. (If you scroll down, there’s an interview with my priest!)

The more I learn about Mother Cabrini, the more I like her. A shrewd business woman who wouldn’t take “no” for an answer, Mother Cabrini had a reputation for refusing to compromise herself and her goals for the sake of being nice. In my own life, I struggle with sacrificing my goals and plans because I’m worried about “not being nice.” When I hit run into these problems, I think about Mother Cabrini and remember that I don’t have to be nice.

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