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I know, I know. We’ve been over this. Clients yell at me all the time for silly reasons. I thought we would be able to let the previous post stand-alone in all its glory for forever and ever.

Alas, that is not the case.

Good news for people who enjoy laughing at my misfortune: I have uncovered some more silly reasons why my client is yelling at me!

  • I need to sleep.

I’ve been burned before by clients who didn’t understand that I’m often in bed before they leave work for the day. Now, I make a point of telling all incoming clients where I live and what my usual schedule is.

Even with the preventative maintenance, I wake up some mornings with angry messages from clients who emailed me at midnight and didn’t hear from me before 2 in the morning.

  • “[You’re] not acting like [you] want it enough.”

Guys! A client said this to me! It was creepy and tragic.

  • I consider meetings a billable event.

I’m currently locked in a battle of wills with a client who takes umbrage with the amount of time I’ve billed for calls with him. First, he told me that “having meetings is part of any organization and [you] should plan accordingly.” When I told him that my organization plans for meetings by billing for them, he told me that I should bill less. I then told him that he should schedule fewer meetings.

…I eagerly await his comeback in this passive-aggressive battle of the century.

  • The tracking applications that we use are down.

I agree, sir and madam. We shouldn’t completely depend on one of two sites/services to do your project. But you chose these services.

  • Someone else is sick.

Sorry they’re sick — now do you believe me about needing to have a back up guy? Oh, we shouldn’t pay to get them up to speed? Oh, okay. Yea.