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If you watch television — and you know, maybe you don’t — you’ve probably seen this iPhone commercial:

Maybe I’m just highly suggestible, but I love it. It’s just so peppy and reminds me that I want to get a Fitbit to replace my beloved (stolen) Jawbone Up band. Since I love this commercial so much, I made Bret look up what the deal with the song is.

Here’s what we learned:

  • The song was commissioned by the Kennedy Administration as part of its health and fitness initiative.
  • It was written by the man who wrote The Music Man and performed by the star of the show.
  • Two versions of the song existed – a short one for promotional purposes and a longer one to be used during morning calisthenics at school.

…wait, what?

Can you imagine what would happen nowadays if the president commissioned a popular and successful singer/songwriter duo to write a song telling children that they were fat and needed to exercise? And that song would be played in school every morning? 

I can see it now: Idina Menzel performs Marshall Mathers’ “Get Up and Move, Fattie.”

There would be outrage!

But then again, maybe the outrage would be worth it. After all, we’re cutting recess at schools everywhere, the NFL has been enlisted to encourage kids to run around more and no one plays outside anymore. There are worse things in life than having to hear a snappy song about how you should move more.

What do you think?