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I am a lady with a lot of questions. Moreover, I have no problems asking these questions. I once interrogated a friend of ours for hours after he returned from a deployment. What was the food like? Were people polite? Do they play soccer? And on and on and on until he looked at me warily and said “You sure ask a lot of questions, don’t you?”

Finally, Someone Who Will Answer My Questions!

Unlike some people, my priest doesn’t seem to have any problems answering my questions. So I’ve decided to start asking him all the questions and report back with the answers for all of you fine folks.

This past week, I finally got around to asking my priest something that has been bothering me since I started being a Eucharistic minister — there are stickers on the bottom of the chalices. Each sticker has a number. I’ve been pondering the mystery of the stickers for at least the past few months. My (conspiracy) theories were as follows:

  • The numbers represented the year that the chalices were acquired.
  • The numbers corresponded to some sort of super secret church law.
  • The numbers indicated who had purchased the chalice.

Armed with my theories, I asked Father Joe for an explanation.

Not pictured: A sticker on the bottom.

And The Answer Is…

None of the above. Apparently, the numbers on the chalices (and actually, all the small stuff in the church) are a hold over from the old church secretary who was obsessed with theft prevention. Her theory was that numbers on the bottom (and the corresponding catalog of pictures in the office) would make it easier to get insurance money.

“Which is funny,” he said “because none of this stuff is worth all that much.”

And that solves that mystery.


What should I ask next?