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Are you busy all the time? I’m busy all the time, too! Since we’re always busy for all time always, it makes sense that it’s hard to keep up with what everyone is up to. (How do you like that sentence? Do you love that sentence as much as I do? It’s okay if you don’t, it’s a terrible sentence.) 

To help us all in our quest to keep up with all of our blog friends, Jenna has crafted a super-useful linkup.


For all of you fine folks out there who love me to bits and pieces but don’t have the time to wade through the 2,000+ words I give you every week, here’s what’s going on:

  • After 1 year and 23 days of unemployment, my husband has a job. DINKdom is awesome, thanks for asking.
  • I’ve been playing softball on the Michigan Alumni rec league team. I’m not very good at softball, but I try awfully hard. (I’ve even had an injury!)
  • Speaking of casual athleticism: I play golf now and Bret and I are running a 10K at the end of July.
  • Yesterday, I went for an interview with a graduate school admissions officer. I’m totally excited about this opportunity, but still a little scared about what changes that would bring to my life.
  • The 10 Pound Challenge is on, but I’m fairly certain that my recent illness is messing with my abilities on this one.
  • We’re going to Eastern Europe for an epic honeymoon/first anniversary trip. Here’s the countdown:

image (1)

TL;DR is a linkup hosted by Jenna at Call Her Happy. Check out everyone else’s quick summaries here.