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— 1 —

Hey look! I found someone whiter than me!

I am a person with many questions. I have questions about the universe, the nature of God and faith and what I should eat for breakfast in the morning.

So many deeply important questions.

Since I have so much questions rattling around my brain case, I figured I would ask you all some questions — that way, we can all wonder about things together.

Do you have a lot of questions about deep and profound things? Alternatively, do you spend a lot of time questioning your breakfast choices?

— 2 —

At some point, I’m going to get tired of having a .wordpress blog. I want to feel fancy with a .com URL of my very own. How do I go about doing that? Is it hard to manage? Does it take more time to do everything? How much money am I going to have to spend to do all of that?

People with fancy blogs — can you tell me what I need to do to make my blog fancy, too?

— 3 —

On Tuesday, the Young Adults group from our parish got together with groups from two other parishes for a rousing round of Stump the Priest. We drank beer, we ate deep fried macaroni and cheese bites and we asked a lot of questions. Fortunately or unfortunately, Father Chris never got stumped, but I learned a whole lot.


One of our bigger discussions had to do with membership. Specifically, what needs to happen to increase young adult membership at parishes around Chicago. We touched on a lot things:

  1. Church isn’t “challenging” and maybe it should be. Father Chris said that “people are willing to leave the gym in pain on a daily basis but don’t feel compelled to go to church for 55 minutes a week.”
  2. Parishes don’t always have a welcoming vibe. Who wants to stick with a parish that doesn’t seem friendly?
  3. Young adults can get “lost in the shuffle” at some parishes. Moreover, many parishes don’t do enough (or anything) to hold them accountable. Father Chris said that he calls people who he hasn’t seen at mass in awhile — how cool/Catholic is that? How much guilt do you feel if your priest calls to ask why you haven’t been to church in awhile?

That discussion had a major impact on me because I’ve had times when I felt like no one in a given parish knew who I was or cared if I showed up.

Do you feel noticed and welcomed at your parish?

— 4 —

Last night, we had our first softball game. All in all, in wasn’t too terrible. I even scored a run!

Running. Yay!

Running. Yay!

Have you displayed any feats of athletic prowess recently?

— 5 —

Have you started reading Brideshead Revisited yet? You should. The first book club meeting is soon, y’all. Also, it’s a really good book.

— 6 —

Bret’s new job handily coincided with the kick-off for the Chicago Archdiocese’s three-year campaign “To Teach Who Christ Is.” It’s been really interesting because now we can afford to give to the campaign, so we’ve been talking about how much we should give and what we should give it to. It’s important to me that we make charitable giving a habit, but it’s also important that we reach a consensus over the types of charities that we are going to support.

How do you make decisions about charity in your house?


— 7 —

It’s finally summer and we are on our annual Memorial Day trip to Northern Michigan.

This is my view for the next 4 days. Jealous?

This is my view for the next 4 days. Jealous?

I plan to just chill out and relax for three whole days. I’m also going to ignore my email.

What are you doing this weekend?


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