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Last week, I showed you Birdie, my brand new computer. What I didn’t tell you was how I bought her. The short answer is that I bought my new computer online after scoping out my options at Best Buy. The long answer is way, way weirder.

To Best Buy

The last time I was involved in a computer purchase, it was the summer before my freshman year of college. It was a shiny white Mac book and it lasted all 4 years at Michigan. Since it died, I’ve used our desktop for work and Bret’s laptop for messing around on the internet. Unfortunately, the laptop is not long for this world and we decided to use what was left of our insurance money to replace it.

Bret wanted to buy it on New Egg, sight unseen, but I wanted to play around with the keyboard before we purchased anything so we headed out to Best Buy to make sure that the New Egg choice would work for me.

Love at First Swipe

Within 30 seconds of arriving at Best Buy, I found the perfect computer for me – small, lightweight, sturdy keyboard. Plus, it was on sale! For way cheaper than the one we had planned to purchase. I picked up the box for “the little, cute computer” and was ready to make my move to purchase when a young sales associate approached us. I explained that I had found the perfect computer for me. This is what went down:

Best Buy Sales Associate: What are you going to be using this computer for?

Me: Work when I travel, messing around on the internet, video calls. Nothing too fancy. I might want a USB headset though. The one I have for my desktop is on it’s way out.

BBSA: That computer is never going to work for you.

Me: What? Why?

BBSA: You need a MacBook Air. They just dropped the price.

Me: We’re not paying 800 dollars for a computer.

BBSA: Well, I’ll just get you a credit card. Then, you can pay it off in installments.

This went on for more than 20 minutes. We ended up leaving in a huff (without the computer) and buying it online later that evening. I’m super thrilled with my new computer, but one question haunts me:

What was wrong with that sales associate?

Admittedly, it’s been a few years since I actively sold anything. However, the way I see it, the associate made several critical errors in his quest to sell me a MacBook Air.

  1. I was holding the box of the computer I wanted to pay for. Right then. Cash money.
  2. I mentioned additional things that I wanted to pay for. Right then. Cash money.
  3. I made it clear more than once that I had no interest in a Best Buy credit card as I was prepared to make my purchase. Right then with cash money.

I’ve thought about calling the store and telling them my story, but I think he deserves to keep on with his methods until someone with a stronger backbone chews him out right then and there instead of passive-aggressively writing about it on the internet.