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1. What’s the scariest thing that’s ever been in your yard?



I don’t have a yard, so nothing scary in the actual patch of grass in front of my building. I do live in a major city, so sometimes creepy/scary things happen in my neighborhood.


2. Beards. Thumbs up or thumbs down?


I might make some enemies here but I’m giving a thumbs down to beards. I grew up in a clean shaven family, my husband grew up in a clean shaven family and I just never developed the highly-tuned beard love that everyone seems to have. Do you still love me? I hope you do.



The closest Bret ever comes to “having a beard” is when he doesn’t shave on the weekend.


3. If stuff breaks, can you fix it?


Yes. Unless it’s on my car. If it’s a car related issue, I duct tape the area to stabilize it and ask Bret.


4. What was your first car?


I’m still driving my first car. It’s a red HHR named Puddles.


This is what Puddles looked like, fresh from the factory.


5. How often do you eat out?


In a perfect world, we would eat out once a week. Unfortunately, that hasn’t been able to happen yet. When my parents are in town, we eat out quite a bit (My parents have excellent taste in restaurants) but if we’re not with them, we don’t go out much. Actually, Bret and I usually reserve dinners out for special occasions or group dinners for others’ occasions.


6. Why is your hair like that?


Because I told a guy named Chase to “do whatever [he] want[s] with it, as long as it didn’t involve Taylor Swift bangs.”








Actually, I have five year cycle for what my hair ends up looking like. I rock the chin length bob for a few years and then start to wonder “hmmm….what would my hair look like long?” Then I grow it out and eventually get tired of it being so long and lop it all off again. This last time I got a hair cut, they cut off 18 inches. The only thing that doesn’t change is my part and the fact that I have side-swept bangs. (I tried the T. Swift once and it did not look good.)


Here’s What I Wore Sunday:


I like to coordinate my sunglasses to my purse whenever possible.

I like to coordinate my sunglasses to my purse whenever possible.


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