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Yesterday, I told you all about the greatest thing I crossed off my bucket list (before I even knew that it was on my bucket list). Although Wobbling with a member of the clergy is undoubtedly the coolest thing I’ve done recently, I did something else that was also pretty awesome.

“What was so awesome?” You may be thinking. Fear not, dear readers, for I am about to tell you.

Ladies and gentlemen, this past weekend, I completed the Trifecta of Saint Louis style pizza.

Provel Makes It Possible

For those of you who are (tragically) in the dark about the wonders of Saint Louis style pizza, you’re missing out. Unlike more traditional pizzas, STL-style (Can I say it like that? Are Saint Louis style pizza and I close enough for abbreviations yet?) has a yeast-less crust. This makes it means that the crust is thinner and more cracker-like. Another thing that makes the pizza special is the liberal use of Provel, a white processed cheese food that has an unusually low melting point.

Credit: Wikipedia

If you have every been to Saint Louis, you know that there are three pillars of the pizza community:

Prior to this weekend, I had been to both Farotto’s and Fortel’s but had never eaten Imo’s. I’m pleased to report that I can now brag that I’ve had all three — within the same 48 hour time frame.

Credit: Kitchenhacks.com

To the Victor Goes the Spoils

To be frank, I feel that managing to snarf down three different iconic pizzas in a two day window should qualify me for a free shirt. Alas, no one gave me a shirt. Eating all that pizza did give Bret and me the opportunity to decide which one was our favorite.

Full disclosure: I come from a Farotto’s family and it’s still my favorite. Bret – ever the contrarian – went another way and selected Fortel’s. (Somethingsomethingnoprovelcheesesomethingsomething.) 

Although I’m confident that our marriage will be able to weather this incredible betrayal, we’re going to have to ship him off to reeducation camp. After a few months of intense therapy, I’m certain that he will learn to make the correct choice.

Do you enjoy Saint Louis style pizza? Do you have a favorite place to eat it?