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This past weekend, my husband and I packed up the car and headed to Saint Louis, my dad’s hometown. Although we were only there from Friday to Sunday, it was a busy trip. We laughed. We danced. We ate pizza. It was great.

A Playground for Grownups

Friday evening, after lunch with the Floridian branch of the family and a series of conference calls, we headed out to explore the city. My cousin Emily and I each put away a frighteningly large quantity of mussels at the Schlafly Brewery before heading over to the City Museum.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you shouldn’t say to your waitress at the Schlafly Brewery:

Emily: Can I get a Miller Lite?

Waitress: No.

Emily: Well do you have anything similar to Miller Lite?

Waitress: No

This is my spinning face.

This is my spinning face.




Check out that slide!

In the ball pit.

In the ball pit.

If you’re not familiar with the City Museum, you should definitely get acquainted. It’s basically a playground for grownups. There’s a ball pit! There are slides! There are tops that you sit in and spin around! It was great. Pro Tip: They say that you can’t fall out of the spinning tops, but that is not true.

Fun Facts about Breese, Illinois

Saint Dominic's

Saint Dominic’s

After spending a super excellent Friday night spent bopping around the Museum, it was time for the main event – Jamie and Michael’s wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony (plus, they used the first reading from Tobit, which is one of my favorites) and a wonderful day.

It was so nice getting to catch up/dance with all of my cousins. Now that we’re all certifiable adults, our opportunities to be together in the same place are few and far in between. Even though it would be nice to say that “we’ll all get together again” sometime in the near future, it might be awhile.


Brotherly love


We tried to go as matchymatchy as possible.

Over the course of the weekend, we all collected as many fun facts as we could about Breese, Illinois. For your reading pleasure:

  • Approximately 4100 people call Breese, Illinois home.
  • The city is something like 99.8% Catholic.
  • There are two Catholic churches in Breese because a coal train used to block access to one of the churches on Sundays.
  • Breese survived two major epidemics: Scarlet Fever and Influenza.
  • Beer costs $2.25 at the Breese Knights of Columbus Hall.

Bonus Fun and Crossing Things Off my Bucket List

The museum and the wedding would have been awesome enough, but Bret and I managed to sneak in even more family visits. As luck would have it, his Grandma and Grandpa were in Saint Louis on their way back from Florida, so we got to spend Sunday with them and the Saint Louis branch of Bret’s family. (So many Saint Louisans to keep track of!)

Finally, and this is really the most important part of the post. I got to cross something off my bucket list. Even better, I got to cross something off my bucket list that I didn’t even know was on my bucket list until I got to cross it off. Ladies and gentleman, I did the Wobble with a priest.

Jealous? You should be.