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I didn’t look that happy or put together. (Credit: OrganizedHome.com)

My husband is volunteering this morning (If you want to learn a lot of fascinating information, ask him what resources are available to you if you need an attorney but cannot afford one. I had no idea that there were so many rules and regulations to that.) which means that he was up and at ’em early. Which meant that was up and at ’em early. After I checked my work email and my various blog-friends’ updates, I decided to something a little more productive before I dove into the work day.

It Had to Be Done

I’m pretty good at cleaning out my refrigerator. The Bunny chows through an extraordinarily large quantity of greens each week, so the produce drawers are never gross or anything. Plus, we’re usually pretty cognizant of what all is in there. The freezer, I’m afraid, is a completely different story.

Look at all that random meat.

Look at all that random meat.

That “before” shot shows you the frightening state of this household’s frozen food section. When I cleared everything out, I discovered:

  • Several containers of different soups (Thanks, Ma!)
  • A large quantity of meat, including a really tasty looking package of kielbasa (Again, much thanks to my mother, without whom I would be anemic.)
  • 16 frozen bananas
  • 2 loaves of banana bread
  • A mishmosh of frozen bread chunks
  • An uncooked tuna noodle casserole
  • 2 containers of yogurt
  • 3 boxes of veggie burgers
  • Random half bags of frozen vegetables
  • A coffee cake
  • A ziplock baggie of red wine
  • And so much more!

I dutifully emptied the whole thing, wiped it out and put it all back in an organized fashion. Here are some grainy iPhone pictures to satisfy your curiosity about the state of my food storage:

Door stuff including all the stuff you need to make a smoothie. (See, I'm a thinker.)

Door stuff including all the stuff you need to make a smoothie. (See, I’m a thinker.)

The cavern of meat.

The cavern of meat.

Plenty of room for the Easter ham!

Now, I want to know what I’m missing. What do you super awesome adult folks keep in your freezer? Do I need more cheese sauce? We used all of the cheese sauce with the ham leftovers last night. How about stuff from Sam’s Club? Tell me what I’m missing!