Just doing a little light reading.

Just doing a little light reading.

I love our pet rabbit and I’m so happy to have his hopping little presence in my life. I love his furry little face to bits and pieces and there’s not much I’m unwilling to do to keep him happy, healthy and hopping around my living room.

An Illustration of My Deep and Abiding Love for the Bunny

The day before the day before our wedding, I got home from picking one of my bridesmaids up at the airport and discovered the Bunny sitting on a kitchen chair in a puddle of his own blood. It was awful. So here I am, 72 hours away from getting married, convinced that my rabbit companion is dying. Thankfully, Stevie – the bridesmaid from the airport – was our go-to Bunny sitter in Nashville. She wrangled the little guy so we could find the source of the bleeding.

Not a happy camper.

Not a happy camper.

As it would turn out, he had completely ripped a toe nail out. It was pretty gross, actually. We cleaned him up as best as we could, found the number of the closest exotic vet and called it a night. Or Stevie did. laid awake feeling terrible for my little friend. He was scared, alone and bleeding all while I gallivanted around town doing wedding things.

The next day, the vet told me that the biggest concern was infection. To stave off whatever bacteria could kill the Bunny, we were to soak his little foot in a bowl of hot water for “5 minutes or as long as he can stand it” three times a day for the next 4 days until we had an appointment.

Picture this: the morning of my wedding – after my hair and makeup were done, but before my dress was on, I stood in the living room, soaking the Bunny’s foot in a bowl of water. He was not thrilled. 

Credit: Robyn Rachel Photography

Credit: Robyn Rachel Photography

Things the Bunny is:

The lesson of the story is that I’m a big fan of my house pet. He’s a funny little animal, a connoisseur of fresh greenery and remarkably adventurous.

  • The Bunny is an animal that can live for a decade if properly cared for.
  • He is a pet that should not live outside, where he’ll have to face the elements and predators all by himself.
  • The Bunny is not a toy.
  • He is capable of knowing who his people are and misses them when they are gone.
  • The Bunny is not a cute photo prop.
  • He is capable of being housebroken and trained, if you’re willing to put in the time and effort.
  • The Bunny is not a pet that you can leave alone for 24 hours a day. Like anything, he needs social interaction to be happy.

Every year, people across the country purchase thousands of pet store rabbits for Easter. When the fun is over and parents realize that it will take time to house train them, they are dumped – either at the side of the road or at an animal shelter.

Please don’t.

Rabbits are pets – just like dogs or cats – and they deserve a family that loves them. If you are thinking about getting your children “an Easter Bunny” and are not prepared to welcome a pet that can live for a decade into your family, don’t do it. Buy a stuffed animal, buy a chocolate bunny or take your kids to the petting zoo.

For more information about why Easter and rabbits don’t mix, visit the House Rabbit Society.