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In an effort to rekindle my social life and get my house good and clean, I’m hosting a brunch tomorrow morning. It should be awesome – a batch of excellent people, plenty of good food and a boat load of champagne. Unfortunately, I did not consider how much dusting I need to do to get this house in ship shape for my friends. I know what I’m doing this evening, how about you?

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Last night, I had the privilege of attending the “Volunteer Appreciation Dinner” (which I called a Gala, because I enjoy excessive formality) at the Aquinas Literacy Center. I felt like a bit of a poser since I’ve only volunteered there for a month. In fact, right before we left, it dawned on me that maybe I would prefer to skip it. After the week I’ve had, the idea of putting on a nice outfit and mingling with a room full of people seemed almost too difficult to bear.

I’m so glad I went.

I spent the evening hanging out with a swell batch of Adrian Dominican Sisters, eating delicious food and hearing stories from volunteers who have been with the center for almost two decades. It was awesome.

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To continue off of the previous “Quick Take,” (Is that allowed? Can I do that?) the best part of the night was the student presentations. Three students took the stage to speak in front of 100+ people in their second language. The speeches were great and so heartwarming. I say “heartwarming” not in that squicky, condescending way – even though I know how it reads – but in a genuine way. If you have any time at all, find somewhere to volunteer. It will make you happy even when the rest of your life isn’t making you so happy.

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This is one of those “not actually a secret” secrets: our house was robbed a few weekends back. I fully intend to write a post about what I’ve learned from this experience as soon as I learn something from this experience. Right now, I’m still too angry, overwhelmed and bogged down with paperwork to process everything.

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Holy Week is almost here! What does one wear to lector for Good Friday services?

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I just found “Let’s Be Done” by Jenny Uebbing, who blogs over at Mama Needs Coffee. I know, I know, I’m late to the party, but if you haven’t read it yet, you totally should. It definitely does a great job of highlighting what contraceptive culture does to your psyche.

— 7 —

I find myself slowly, but surely, slipping off into the “Start-Up Time Zone.” If you don’t work with start-ups, you probably didn’t even know that they had their own time zone. They do. Early mornings, late nights, start-up time takes its toll on a person. It might be time for me to have a long hard thinking session about how to move back into the Central Time Zone.

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