Credit: Wikipedia Commons

I remember it like it was yesterday: It was Super Bowl Sunday and Father Joe had just said Mass in 35 minutes. (An incredible feat, if you ask me.) Bret was hustling me through the door in an attempt to get back home before kick off. Before we could exit, Father Joe pulled us aside and told us “I think it’s time that you two got more involved around here.”

We Got Drafted

Of course, as is true with most things, “you two” means “you, Elizabeth.” Plus, when the priest tells you to get more involved – you do it. So, after thinking about what unique talents and gifts I have, I decided to sign up to be a lector. This was my line of thinking: I know how to read pretty well, lectoring is just reading into a microphone, what’s the worst thing that could happen?

Unfortunately, I didn’t stop to consider a few key facts about myself before I put myself in the lector pool:

  1. I have a tendency to trip and fall down and there are a lot of steps involved in the whole lector routine.
  2. My accent makes me really self-conscious about how I sound on a loud speaker. Attempting to modify the accent makes it worse.
  3. We decided to remain kneeling for the duration of our wedding ceremony because the thought of having to look out at all the people was soul-crushingly scary.

So, yea. Lectoring was obviously the best way for me to serve my parish community.

Growth Through Terror

I’ve been a lector for two months and I just signed on for another two month commitment. When I started on this little adventure, I thought for sure that I would get over being scared eventually. That hasn’t happened yet. I’m still scared, I still put entirely too much thought into what I wear on those Sundays and I’m still pretty sure that everyone is judging me for my voice.

I’m going to keep doing it, though.

It has to get less scary eventually, right?