Hey friends! I have something new and different for you today! I wrote a guest post for the fine ladies over at Fine Linen and Purple. (Get it? Get it?) I hope you’re as thrilled and excited as I am.

My New Year’s Resolution for 2014 was to put on a pair of pants with a zipper every day.

If you’re sitting there, laughing at the simplicity of my resolve, this is not the post for you.

You see, I used to have a job where I got dressed up to leave the house every single day; then I started working from home. What happens when you pair the “work from home” thing with a pretty significant weight loss and limited cash flow? You get a perfect storm of lazy frump, that’s what.

Running tights and oversized sweaters for the win!

The absolutely hysterical thing about all this is that I never dressed like this when I was in college. I employed a strict policy of “no athletic clothes for non-athletic purposes” and it worked. Alas, now that I stay home all day, I’m dressing like a stereotypical college student. Excellent.

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