Credit: Wikipedia Commons

My husband likes to say “Well, you know what public transit is like. So much public.” Obviously, this is both a true statement and a tad obnoxious. However, given that I hate to drive, I spend a lot of time on the bus and train. Over time, I have noticed that there are some pretty universal truths about what you will see while you ride on public transportation:

  • Someone will always be eating a banana. Interestingly enough, the banana eater will always look entirely dissatisfied with his or her lot in life.
  • Every woman or girl with long hair will decide that the packed bus or train car is the perfect place to redo their ponytail. This process will always involve whipping her hair back and forth.
  • Someone will be having an excruciatingly personal phone call at ear splitting volume. It will almost always involve sensitive medical information or child care concerns.
  • An old white person will be glaring at someone for no reason at all.
  • Someone will have a wheeled object that they have not secured. 9 times out of 10, the wheeled object-bearer will be seated in a crowded area.
  • A standing person will fall. (To be fair, that’s usually me.)
  • Tourists will be confused and obnoxious in their quest to clarify their transit plans.

I’m sure there are some that I have missed. Has anybody observed any other universal truths of public transit?