Like most ladies my age, I have spent a good amount of time fretting over my weight. (More on that later.) As a result of this neurosis, I’ve spent more than my fair share of time trying out new diets. Here is a quick annotated list:

Atkins/Low Carb

This seemed like a great idea because bacon. I lasted two days before I needed carbs back in my life.

South Beach Diet

I was really attracted to the South Beach Diet until I realized that I had to pay for it.

Weight Watchers

I was actually really successful on the Weight Watchers Points Plus program. I ate more vegetables and felt satisfied with the amount of food I could eat. I also enjoyed that I could earn more points through exercise to fund my beer drinking. I ended up quitting because I didn’t want to pay for it, but I still keep the principles in the back of my head.


Mac’n’cheese is vegetarian. So is cheese pizza. I was not a success.

Low Carb, High Fiber, Low Fat

This was suggested to me by my doctor when I was first diagnosed with acid reflux. I found it difficult to follow and incredibly limiting. However, on days that I feel poorly, I do revert back to that way of eating.

The Half Diet

A family friend who struggles with insomnia was up late one night when he saw an infomercial that opened with “imagine how much weight you would lose if you only ate half of what you do now.” He imagined and did it. Uncle Truman lost 50 pounds in 6 months, which made a huge impression on 15 year old me. I gave it a good effort, but discovered that it was only practical for me to implement in restaurants. My at-home eating habits have never been that hefty.

Spark People

It’s free. I like it.

Slim Fast

I tried for a day and felt like I was going to throw up from the shakes. They do make a good breakfast, though.

Special K

I priced out the required cereal and walked away laughing.


I’m fairly certain that my success with these supplements has been the placebo effect at work. (It’s basically a B vitamin with green tea.) But whatever, when I was feeling desperate, I liked the added boost.

The “KERF” Diet

Back in college, I went through a period of majorly reading/fawning over so-called “healthy living bloggers.” Wanting to shape up a little, I decided to base my eating habits off of the types of food that Kath Younger ate. I ended up gaining a bunch of weight because I didn’t like the type of food she likes, so I’d eat like she eats and then go back and eat the stuff I like to eat. Whoopsies.

The “Raw Before Dinner” Diet

Another healthy living blogger-inspired experiment. This could have worked for me, but I like hot food too much.

The College Diet

Beer, leftover pizza and more beer! It was lots of fun, but not terribly healthy.

Volumetric Eating

I bought a book about volumetric eating. The idea behind it is an interesting one, but I never stuck with it long enough to notice any results.

The 400 Calorie Fix

Another book I picked up in the clearance bin. The premise is good and I’m sure it’s a great framework for people that want to overhaul their lives, but it didn’t work for me. Making sure that I only eat in increments of 400 calories at a time left me eating way too much at random points during the day.

What’s the weirdest diet you’ve ever tried?