Credit: St. John the Evangelist

A fun fact that you probably didn’t know about me is that I love reading blogs that have nothing to do with me or my interests. I read blogs written by marathoners and diehard cross fitters. I read blogs written by vegan chefs. I read blogs written by random housewives just trying to get sponsorship money.

I do it in part to pass the time and in part because I find it fascinating to see how other people live.

My little brother is in advertising. He also knows about my strange love of “mommy blogs.” One day, out of nowhere, he texted me to ask for a list of some of those “random stay at home mommies [I] read.” So I gave him a quick rundown of:

  • Blogs that are written by people whose lives are completely different from mine.
  • Blogs that used to have recipes but have replaced food with cute kids.
  • Blogs that are written by the certifiably insane.
  • Blogs that I hate read.
  • Blogs that are written by Catholic women. (Namely: Catholic All Year and Carrots for Michaelmas, because those are my favorites.)

Honestly, I was pretty pleased with my list. It was nothing if not comprehensive. Three hours later – after being sucked into a blackhole of the internet – my brother texted back “We could never be that Catholic.

At the time, I went with a pleasant, yet noncommittal, “haha.” Still, I thought about it a lot in the days that followed. I mean, I consider myself pretty Catholic, but what’s the difference between how Catholic I am and how Catholic they are? Is there a difference? I don’t have kids, so I don’t homeschool. I also don’t own chickens or garden much. But is there any major difference in how Catholic we are?


If there is a difference in our “levels” of Catholicism, why is my brother so quick to dismiss our ability to be that Catholic? After all, being Catholic is a choice, so I imagine that being more Catholic is also a choice.

So, why not be more Catholic?