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Credit: Forbes.com

The Olympics are here again, and boy-oh-boy am I excited. The Olympics are quite possibly my favorite sporting event. Which is saying something, because I am also a diehard college football fan. Still, I love the Olympics.

Here’s why:

  1. I hate Bob Costas.

Hating Bob Costas seems like a silly reason to love the Olympics. Actually, hating Bob Costas at all seems like a silly way to spend one’s time. Rest assured, I have my reasons, but that’s a story for a different day. Still, my fervent dislike for NBC’s face of the Olympics gives me more reason to watch. Every time Bob opens his mouth – which, let’s be real here, is all the time – I get something to snark about. That makes me a very happy camper.

  1. I like obscure displays of athleticism.

I am not athletic. Sure, I work out every day and I was a half-way decent tap dancer, but I was not destined for athletic greatness. However, watching the Olympics religiously has taught me that, if I really wanted to, I could probably find a sport that I could compete in at the games. My current sport that I think I could hack it at is Curling. Seriously. I’m pretty sure all you have to do to be a semi-decent curler is enjoy cold temperatures and Canadian beer. Sign me up!

  1. I need an outlet for my obnoxious patriotism.

As a sports fan, I spend a lot of my time fervently arguing for the destruction of the state of Ohio and the deportation of Sidney Crosby. I understand that this can be divisive and end friendships. During the Olympics, however, I’m all about America. USA, man. Back to back World War champs and all that jazz. It’s nice to have something to agree on. Also, a good excuse for face paint.

Even if you aren’t as pumped about the Olympics as I am, you should still watch the Opening Ceremonies tonight. (If for no other reason than to check out the outfits.) Meanwhile, I’ll be over here, streaming whatever is stream-able.

P.S. You should check on this really fascinating slideshow of what the former Olympic venues look like today.